India, a hint of other realities

India, a hint of other realities, documentary by Jean Studler

India, a hint of other realities, documentary by Jean Studler


A lot of inhabitants coexist is this beautiful and fascinating country. You can observe their customs and meet the most important religions of India.

In the day-to-day people tend to forget that we are not the only ones living on this planet, get to know different cultures allows us to reflect on our own way of life.

You will find different topics covered in this documentary: the differences between life in the city and life in the villages, Hinduism, sikjism, budhism, the sacred cows, sadhus, the caste system, the tibetan and Kashmir conflict, death rites and much more.


INDIA a hint of other realities is the first feature that I lead, possibility that emerged from a two-month trip by that country, filming and taking pictures every day. Without any funding, the whole trip was sleeping in the most precarious places, living with their inhabitants, tripod and camera on my shoulder. Noting the way of life of its inhabitants and the desire to capture all this material into a product whose primary purpose is the awareness of the existence of other cultures and their consequent respect.

This film is a summary of the trip I made, enriched by feelings and testimonies of people who were crossing my path. Initially the end of the documentary was quite uncertain. A guide questions, for other extensive was the central axis, many of them that were not used, but that form the very essence of the message to be transmitted, questions like What do you think about death? Do you prefer life in the countryside or in the city? What are their differences? What you fear? Who do you trust? Questions seeking to reach the most authentic of each person. A what makes us human at some point, which transcends the borders of any culture. The aim was to see what were the differences between Western look and a sector of the population of this country.

Once, finished the trip, with 27 crude hours. A world of possibilities opened for the documentary. Possibilities soon become unknowns and uncertainty. How to show both? How to find a thread?

The final work is a journey from sunrise to sunset. Going through all its nuances, by different religions and specific problems, by the different customs, for country life and city life, by the death, by the smiles of the children ...

It is a work surface and merely descriptive, Nevertheless, I think it does give a good "look" of the different shades of that culture, whose main axes are: the color, diversity and authenticity.